Hey, we're Kaelin and Kyrah.

Our Mission

To grow with you through life, faith, relationships and money.

"Growing Together" Podcast

Watch as we lead unfiltered conversations around faith, life, relationships, and money.

The Growth Letter

Join us and 30,000+ others as we explore ways to build faith, relationships, and money that last a lifetime.

"This Kind of Love" Book

Learn the full story of how we grew from young and in love, through the challenges and opportunities of adulthood.

Growing Together Podcast

every tuesday
A coming-of-age podcast that candidly explores and documents the obstacles, trials, and decisions that come with growing into adulthood. Kaelin and Kyrah dig into long-form, honest conversations about their experience growing together as partners, parents, business owners, and individuals.
About Kaelin & Kyrah

Childhood sweethearts turned Kingdom builders.

Learn how we went from meeting in a small town in middle school, to dating intentionally, and getting married at age 19.