About Us

How it started...

High School Jr. Formal | 2013

Kaelin and Kyrah Edwards are a young Christian couple growing through life together. The Edwards' met and dated at age 12 in the 7th grade (2009). Back then, Kyrah broke up with Kaelin after a long three-month relationship, but they soon rekindled in high school. They went to every school dance together. She was the cheerleading captain, and he was the track and field star. They are true high school sweethearts. After years of intentional dating throughout high school, they got married in early 2017 at age of 19.

How it went...

Our Wedding | 2017

Within two years of marriage, two children; Karter and Kaiser were added to the family. After that strong foundation had been set, Kaelin and Kyrah began their mission to inspire other young adults to build thriving relationships and families. The Edwards' accomplish this through documenting the everyday balance of Christian marriage, parenting, and life on their YouTube channel weekly.

Over the years, their audience has grown to about two million other young adults in similar seasons of life. In addition to their joint YouTube channel, Kyrah has a personal channel where she creates relatable and edifying content for Christian women, and Kaelin has a personal channel where he guides young Christian men to make wise decisions.

How it's going...

Book Cover Photoshoot for "This Kind of Love" | 2020

Apart from YouTube, Kaelin and Kyrah are authors of their 2021 best-selling book, "This Kind of Love: The Overwhelming Power of Promises, Patience, and Faith". They also co-host the popular "Growing Together with Kaelin and Kyrah Edwards" podcast that boasts a total of over three hundred thousand subscribers and own a real estate company based in Dallas, Texas.

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