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Growing Together with Kaelin & Kyrah Edwards

Growing Together with Kaelin & Kyrah Edwards

Hosted by: Kaelin and Kyrah Edwards

A coming-of-age podcast that candidly explores and documents the obstacles, trials, and decisions that come with growing into adulthood. Kaelin and Kyrah dig into long-form, honest conversations about their experience...

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20: Travis Scott: Astroworld Conspiracies, Devil Worship, and the Christian Response

Episode #20

This week we try to make sense of what happened in Astroworld. From a physical sense and consider the spiritual side. Without fueling conspiracy theories, we explore how so many people could possibly lose their life...
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19: Exploring the Keys to Better Sex

Episode #19

This week we explore the keys to better sex and have a transparent conversation about honesty. Our Website: https://KaelinAndKyrah.com Our Book: http://ThisKindOfLoveBook.com Our Merch:...
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18: Finessing Out of a Traffic Ticket, Annoying MLM Scams, and What We NOT GONE DO

Episode #18

This week Kaelin shares the story of how he survived his first encounter with "Southern" cops after getting pulled over and threatened with a ticket. We then drift into conversations around our annoying MLM...
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17: Why YouTube Couples Don't Last

Episode #17

Ever wondered why your favorite social media "relationship" goal couples never seem to last? Us too. In this episode, we discuss the red flags that can sometimes be the tell-tale signs that there's trouble in...
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16: Church Membership, Asset Allocation, and "Squid Game"

Episode #16

Is church membership necessary? How do we allocate our assets? What are our thoughts on the latest Squid Game euphoria? We're jumping into all of these questions this week on the podcast! Purchase our new book:...
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15: Fighting in Relationships, Child Discipline, and Exposing the "sacred" Enneagram

Episode #15

Purchase our new book: http://ThisKindOfLoveBook.com Follow us on Social...
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14: The Conversation You Weren't Supposed To Hear

Episode #14

The title says it all. This was supposed to be last week's episode. We weren't going to upload it, but conversations like this are what this podcast is all about. Purchase our new book:...
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13: Our COVID Emergency

Episode #13

This week, we share our first-hand experience battling COVID. This past week has been brutal for us! We share the extent of our symptoms, what we wish we would've known before, and how we plan on moving forward....
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12: The One on COVID: Anti-Mask, Anti-Vax, and Government Tyranny?

Episode #12

This week, we open up a whole new can of worms and lead a raw, unprepared conversation about COVID. We share exactly how it has been for us during the pandemic, and give our honest thoughts on our stance on masks,...
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11: Let's Talk About Abortion

Episode #11

This week, we have a conversation with you guys about a pretty fueled topic. With the recent passage of the "Heart Beat Bill" in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law one of the nation’s strictest abortion...
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10: Kanye West: Demonically Possessed, Self-Deceived, or True Christian?

Episode #10

This week, we dive into "Donda", Kanye West's new allegedly Christain album, and unpack our initial thoughts about the newly converted rapper's work of art in our new GAS OR TRASH segment. We also talk about the...
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9: Making, Losing, and Keeping Friends That Feel Like Family

Episode #9

In today's episode, Kaelin comes clean with his "Carb relapse", Kyrah shares how she had the "best birthday ever", and we unpack what making and keep friends looks like as an adult.   If you enjoy today's episode,...
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